Shopping For A Used Car

We’ve all heard horror stories about someone who buys a used car that turns into a money pit. Despite the stigma against some used cars, shopping for a used car is easier than ever thanks to modern technology, especially if you stop by Sunshine Motors. In fact, there are many advantages to buying a used car.

Avoid Depreciation

As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, you lose money (typically between 25 to 40 percent the moment you buy it) due to the depreciation of the car. By purchasing a used car, someone else has already taken the depreciation loss, and you don’t have to worry about paying upwards of several hundred dollars a month for your car to be losing value.

According to Philip Reed senior consumer advice editor, “Depreciation flattens out, usually after a car’s second year when the rate of depreciation dips before increasing again around year five,” so by trying to find a car that is only a year or two old, you’re hitting the jackpot.

More options

Selection tends to be better for used car shoppers. When you don’t limit yourself to one model year, the number of cars, trims, colors, and features goes through the roof. Sometimes widening your search by just a little lets you find the perfect car. Don’t miss out by focusing on only new models.

Peace of mind

Added peace of mind comes with most used cars. People tend to worry less about minor dings and dents when they buy used because it doesn’t affect vehicle value as much. If you’re really worried about the used car buying process, consider getting a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, which has to go through inspections, meet criteria, and qualifies for an extended service contract..


Buying used can usually save you a good amount of money, whether that’s on the car itself or on insurance or even on the registration fees. When it comes to buying a car, there is a lot of money exchanged and buying a used vehicle can help save you a little bit of money. Owning a used vehicle also ends up costing less to repair since you can do some repairs or even maintenance work yourself. The final way purchasing a used vehicle can save you money is by not having a destination charge. The car you see is usually the car you get, so you won’t have to deal with a dealership having to charge you an extra shipping or destination fee to bring it from another dealership.

By getting a lower price for a used vehicle, you can typically get “more bang for your buck.” Say your budget is no more than $20,000; you can find a used vehicle at the top trim level that if you were buying it brand new could cost you double your budget.

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